The Goddess Is in the Details

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From the hearth to the altar, make magic in every moment. Being a Witch isn't limited to casting a spell under the full moon or consecrating a ritual circle. Whether you're calling the Goddess or doing the dishes, your wonderfully witchy ways are woven into everything you do.

With her signature down-to-earth wisdom and warmth, Deborah Blake takes you into the heart of what it means to be a Witch all day, every day. Filled to the brim with practical suggestions, Pagan and Wicca spells, and helpful advice, this essential book brings to light all facets of a modern Witch's life: The seven core beliefs of Witches, mindful eating and health, creating sacred space at home, relationships with non-Pagans, sex and the single Witch, raising Pagan children, solitary and coven practice, Pagan ritual, and green living.


"Deborah Blake has created a practical method of weaving the spiritual into the daily chores of the mundane world in which we must live."—Edain McCoy, author of Advanced Witchcraft and If You Want to Be a Witch

"Fun to read and chock-full of sensible advice."—Rev. Denise Dumars, M.A., author of Be Blessed

"The Goddess Is in the Details is a champion of common sense. Advanced witches can focus on the small and big stuff concerning the witchy lifestyle. What I enjoyed best were the incantations. Fresh verses, good rhymes."—Z Budapest, author of The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries and Summoning the Fates


Author: Deborah Blake
Publisher: Llewellyn
Page count: 264
Cover type: Softcover