Distant Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is...

Abundant Universal Life Energy (also called: chi, prana, ki)
Working for the highest good and greatest joy
Holistic by focusing on body, mind, and spirit as a whole
Gentle flowing energy that intuitively adjusts to the receiver's needs
Relaxing, so much so that many people fall asleep during a treatment
Complementary to traditional healthcare
Non-denominational and is accessible to anyone regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs
Consensual because both the sender and the receiver must consent for the energy flow to work

Brief History

Reiki Healing was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in 1914 on Mt. Kurama in Japan. During his life, he taught more than 2000 students and initiated 16 teachers. Hawayo Takata, who is credited for bringing Reiki to the Western World in 1937, was a student of Dr. Hayashi, who learned Reiki from Usui in Japan. Through the years, Reiki has been associated with either Buddhism or Christianity. However, Reiki is accessible to all who want to receive it and has no dogma attached to it aside from the Five Principles.

Five Principles

Just for today, I release all worry
Just for today, I release all anger
I shall earn my living with integrity
I shall honor every living thing
I shall show gratitude for all my many blessings

Veronica's Experiences

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in energy work. I always felt a strong connection to nature and the Source (Goddess, God, Universal Energy, what-have-you). The first time I heard of Reiki was when my aunt was showing me how to make "energy balls." She told me she took a class in Reiki, but didn't explain too much about it. I was maybe 10 years old at the time. Over the years, I studied more and more on all sorts of subjects ranging from World Religions to Tarot. Around the age of 13, I had my first encounter with Chakras. Feeling their energies came naturally to me and the Chakra system made perfect sense to me. Throughout my teenage years, my studies on spirituality became a bit sporadic.
It wasn't until I met a friend who was a Reiki Master that I remembered about Reiki. He offered to do a session for me and it was completely life-changing. When he put his hands on me, I immediately felt an incredible warmth. Throughout the treatment, I felt a variety of sensations ranging from tingling, to little twinges of discomfort. After the treatment, he connected with me and asked about certain things in my life that I had been unsure about. That treatment was life-affirming in more than one way, I finally was able to connect with someone who experienced energy in the ways that I did as a child. It wasn't just my imagination. That day was a huge catalyst for change in my life.
I started to pursue spirituality again and became more and more confident about taking a Reiki class. When I felt financially and emotionally ready, I signed up for a Reiki I class with Rickie from Reiki by Rickie in Harrisburg. When I arrived, I felt unsure about myself, despite Rickie being amazingly welcoming and soothing. All of the other students were much older than I was. They talked about their kids, serious health problems, and divorces. When it was my turn to introduce myself, I felt nervous and unable to open up. Throughout the course, I gained confidence. After I was attuned (initiated), I felt amazing. The whole experience was incredibly personal and I felt a renewed connection with my Self and the Source.
Since that first class, I have taken Reiki II, Angelic Reiki (Angels can also be seen as the Higher Self or higher vibrational beings), and Reiki Master/ Teacher training.

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