Three Card Tarot Reading

Three Card Tarot Reading

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This is the type of reading I do most often for myself! A three card reading gives more depth to the answer than a single card reading. There are many variations on the three card reading and it is suitable for almost any type of question. For reading cards, I use a combination of traditional meanings and intuitive meanings.

Examples of good tarot reading questions:

* "What is the past, present, and potential future of this situation?"
* "What is the heart of the problem and two potential solutions?"
* "What are three things that I could work on in order to reach my goal?"

Tarot is a wonderful tool for meditation and self-reflection.

If you are unable to think of a good question, send me a message with as little or as much detail as you'd like with what you're looking for and I will be happy to come up with something for you. There is a possibility that your question might need rephrasing. If that happens, I will send you a message with the proposed changes and wait for your approval before going ahead with the reading. If we both can't come to an agreement for the question, I can send you a refund or can give you an exchange for something else.

After the reading is done, I will put all information in a PDF with a picture of the reading and send it to your email. Right now I am only using The Wild Unknown tarot deck. 

Please allow up to a week for me to complete the reading.