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Tarot is a useful tool for when you feel stuck in a situation. The cards encourage self-reflection, helping to reveal new solutions that were not apparent before. When used regularly, tarot allows us to grow and manifest our best selves.


Crystals are effective at focusing healing energy. They are easily programmed to help with your specific concerns. We hand-pick each crystal and work with you to set the right intentions within it.



Reiki is a relaxing form of energy healing that generally uses gentle touch to transfer healing energy to the client, but can also be done remotely by experienced healers. We have a unique way of being able to give reiki treatments, which includes feedback to promote wellness.

Tarot is... 

  • Empowering us to make decisions
  • Helpful for thinking outside of the box 
  • Connecting to your emotions and trusting your instincts
  • Entertaining- you'll be surprised at what the cards say sometimes
  • Personalized to the querent (the person the reading is done for)

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Crystals are...

  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy to work with
  • Fun to use
  • Unique in their energies 
  • Beautiful to display

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Reiki is...

  • Abundant Universal Life Energy (also called: chi, prana, ki) 
  • Working for the highest good and greatest joy
  • Holistic, focusing on body, mind, and spirit as a whole 
  • Gentle flowing energy that instinctively adjusts to the receiver's needs
  • Relaxing, so much so that many people fall asleep during a treatment
  • Complementary to traditional healthcare 
  • Non-denominational and is accessible to anyone, regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs 
  • Consensual because both the sender and the receiver must consent for the energy flow to work

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